September 2021 Colorado Youth Cup Results

Photos from SDFA Instagram

SDFA had fencers in action last weekend in the first Colorado Youth Cup of the year!

Our fencers made up a majority of the foil fencers at the event. In Youth 10 and Youth 14 foil SDFA participants were the only participants. In the Youth 12 Foil event, SDFA fencers were 6 of the 8 competitors. Most of those 6 were fencing in their first competitions ever! Jayden Lee won the event in his first competition ever and Josh Liu finished third.

In the Youth 12 Epee event, Josh Liu overcame a 14-9 touch deficit to win in one of his direct elimination bouts and ended up finishing second overall.

South Denver Fencing Academy fencers will be back in competition this weekend at the Air Force Academy. This will be the first event for our Senior fencers this year.