October 2021 E and Under, Senior – Epee, Foil Tournament

Photos from SDFA Instagram

South Denver Fencing Academy hosted the first large event of the season for our senior competitors on October 17th. The E and Under event was a great success! Fourteen SDFA fencers competed, two of which earned brand new ratings, and SDFA won both of the epee and foil events.

In the Mixed Foil event, there were ten competitors, nine of whom represent South Denver Fencing Academy. The nine SDFA fencers finished in the top nine spots. Owen Young won the event, re-earning his E 2021 rating. Ronan McCown finished second followed by Aditi Avinash and Xiang Liu in third, Connor McDonald in fifth, Bennett Nofziger in sixth, Elijah Armstrong in Seventh, Emma Girard in Eighth, and Wesley Ried in Ninth.

In the Mixed Epee event, seven of the seventeen fencers represented South Denver Fencing Academy. SDFA fencers earned all three ratings awarded in the Epee event. Ronan McCown won earning his D 2021 rating. Connor McDonald finished second earning his E 2021 rating. Nathan Erkenbeck finished third, also earning his E 2021 rating. Kim Haney and Nathan Erkenbeck unfortunately had to fence in the quarter finals so only one of them could advance to the top four to earn ratings. Nathan won the bout so Kim finished fifth. Elynor Sykes, Aditi Avinash, and Wesley Reid rounds out the rest of the team in the results.

Congratulations to everyone for the great results at this event!

To see the tournament’s full results CLICK HERE.

October 2021 Rocky Mountain RYC #1 Results

South Denver Fencing Academy hosted the first Regional Youth Circuit (RYC) of 2021 over last weekend, October 9th through 11th, in which many of our SDFA fencers competed. This year the RYC brought in fencers from California, Nevada, New Mexico, and other clubs in Colorado.

In Youth 14, Matthew Peterson led the way, winning the Youth 14 Mixed Foil event. Peterson continued in the weekend and out-fenced our expectations, finishing second in Youth 14 Men’s Epee event. Elynor Sykes finished well in the Youth 14 Women’s Epee, earning second place. Both Peterson and Sykes fenced very well and won upsets in their direct elimination tableaus.

For Youth 12, Neo Sun fenced in his first competition ever competing in the Youth 12 Men’s Foil event along with teammates Jayden Lee and Josh Liu. Liu also competed in the Youth 12 Men’s Epee event where he won first place. In Youth 12 Women’s Foil, Emma Wang won the event fencing a stifling final bout to win. Riley Zho and Rowynn Roush also fenced this event where they tied for third. 

In our Youth 10 group, Carissa Mortensen and Payton Collins went at it again in Youth 10 Mixed Foil. This time Carissa came out on top.

Click here to view the full event results on USA Fencing.

South Denver Fencing Academy will play host again next weekend, October 16th to 17th, for an E and Under, Senior – Epee, Foil Competition.

October 2021 Nick Toth Open Results

South Denver Fencing Academy athletes competed in the Nick Toth Open at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs last weekend, October 1-2. The Nick Toth is an annual NCAA pre-season event for the Air Force Academy Fencing team. Our fencers competed in Youth 14 Mixed Epee, Youth 14 Mixed Foil, Cadet Foil, Senior Men’s Epee, and Senior Women’s Foil.

Ari Simmons won the Senior Men’s Epee Event and Katarina Roloff finished third in Senior Women’s Foil. Wesley Reid also competed in his first event ever, fencing in Youth 14 Epee and Foil. Elynor Sykes, Matthew Peterson, Bennett Nofziger, and Jayden Lee rounded out the rest of the SDFA team.

CLICK HERE to see the full competition results.

The SDFA Youth fencers will be back in action this weekend, October 9-10, at South Denver Fencing Academy in the first Regional Youth Circuit event of the year. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, we cannot host extra spectators in the club at this time. Hopefully by the beginning of January we will be able to lift our spectator restrictions to allow club members to come watch and support our fencers!

September 2021 Colorado Youth Cup Results

Photos from SDFA Instagram

SDFA had fencers in action last weekend in the first Colorado Youth Cup of the year!

Our fencers made up a majority of the foil fencers at the event. In Youth 10 and Youth 14 foil SDFA participants were the only participants. In the Youth 12 Foil event, SDFA fencers were 6 of the 8 competitors. Most of those 6 were fencing in their first competitions ever! Jayden Lee won the event in his first competition ever and Josh Liu finished third.

In the Youth 12 Epee event, Josh Liu overcame a 14-9 touch deficit to win in one of his direct elimination bouts and ended up finishing second overall.

South Denver Fencing Academy fencers will be back in competition this weekend at the Air Force Academy. This will be the first event for our Senior fencers this year.

September 2021 E & Under and Regional Cadet and Junior Competition Results

The 2021-2022 competition season started two weeks ago with an E and under and then a Regional Cadet and Junior event. We had a few fencers compete in both events!

In the E and Under Foil, Elijah Armstrong finished Second, losing the final bout 15-14. Elynor Sykes and Dorothy Smith Competed in the Epee event finishing third and ninth respectively.

Matthew Peterson and Landon Holderness started their seasons competing in the regional cadet/Junior event. They both finished in the middle of the pack in their events.

CLICK HERE for the full results from the E and under and CLICK HERE for the full results of the RJCC.

South Denver Fencing Academy fencers will be back in action next weekend in the first Colorado Youth Cup event of the season.